Haunted Japan: Exploring the World of Japanese Yokai, Ghosts and the Paranormal
Author: Catrien Ross
Catrien Ross shows Japan from the perspective which is usually ignored by a civilized, rational world. She invites the Reader to a unique journey through physical places on the archipelago where the material meets with the spiritual. The Author guides us to the very entrance to Hell and lets us have a glimpse at the River of the Dead. She introduces us to a cafe owner who gives free shows of his supernatural powers. In her company, we will visit an alleged grave of Jesus Christ, who – according to the local legend – escaped his death in Jerusalem, while a minute later we will take a look at the most haunted skyscraper in Tokyo. We will meet the leaders of contemporary sects and a real-life Sadako from The Ring.
Regardless of whether you believe in the phenomena and the legends reported in this book or not, they remain an important element of Japanese folklore and everyday life and present an extremely interesting part of spiritual life of the Japanese.
Release date: October 2021
Riku and the kingdom of white
Author: Randy Taguchi
A touching novel by Japanese best-selling author Randy Taguchi.
The eleventh of March 2011 changed everything for Japan.
It also changed the life of a ten-year old Riku, who was supposed to move with his father, a doctor, to a town in Fukushima prefecture, which was heavily affected by the earthquake, tsunami and the results of the nuclear meltdown. As if the very fact of changing the school and whole environment was not enough, Riku soon discovers that he has to learn to live a completely different life. Wear his facemask all the time, as well as long-sleeved shirts and long-legged trousers. Eat only the food from the scarce deliveries operated by charity organizations. Never play outside. Never open the windows.
However, the story “Riku” tells is not just the story of the disaster and its aftermath. It is also a story of love, hope and restoration – against the odds.
Release date: November 2021
A boy from Ibaraki. Noguchi Ujō and nostalgic dōyō
Author: Małgorzata Gałka, Joanna Jodziewicz-Gałka
coming soon Release date: November 2021
Sei'adō kidan
Author: Okamoto Kidō
5th volume of Yume series. Release date: March 2022
Doctor's Wife
Author: Sawako Ariyoshi
Coming soon Release date: June 2022
Japanese kokeshi dolls
Author: Manami Okazaki
Kokeshi are the iconic wooden dolls from Japan. Traditionally crafted in the remote northern Tohoku region, they are characterized by their cylindrical shape and lack of arms and legs.

The book presents traditional and contemporary kokeshi by artisans in Japan as well as overseas, where this folk art is now in popularity.
Release date: October 2022